Friday, April 18, 2014

Get in the Driver’s Seat

While looking online for tips and advice to share with you via our Twitter account (@HofstraCareer, but you knew that, right?), I came across this article that outlines 50 career tips for college students. Reading each one, and highlighting what stuck out to me, I stopped here:

31. You won’t reach your career goals if you let someone else drive your career. Go from passenger to driver.

“Go from passenger to driver.” Perhaps the most important thing you can do for your career search (and really, any aspect of your life) is to be in control. This can happen at any and all points of your collegiate journey; by choosing a major, joining clubs or organizations, and having internship or experiential learning opportunities, you are jumping into the driver’s seat and charting a course for the rest of your life.

It’s easy to allow yourself to be influenced in these choices by friends, family, professors, or co-workers. But at the end of the day, YOU are the one whom these decisions will affect. YOU are who will be sitting at a desk, working for a company, in a profession, following a path that ties it all together and moves you towards your future. Just make sure it’s the path YOU want and that YOU have constructed, for the bettering of YOU.

Let us help you in achieving your career goals by coming in to The Career Center! You can make an appointment by calling 516-463-6060 or come in during our Quick Question Hours to chat with a counselor.

Amy Smith,
Graduate Assistant

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Job Interview Blunders

As graduation approaches, many students will be interviewing for upcoming positions.  Here are ten interview blunders, adapted from this article.

1.  When thinking about what you are going to wear to an interview, you not only want to look good but you want to be comfortable.  This includes comfortable shoes.  Ladies, if the high heels are hurting your toes so much that you can barely walk, consider a more comfortable option.  Gentlemen, if that top button on the shirt is a hint too tight, you may also want to consider a different shirt.  Try on your outfit prior to the day of the interview to make sure it still fits and you will be comfortable in it.

2.  Research the company or agency you will be interviewing with.  You may be asked, "What do you know about our company?"  You should be able to answer with something specific and concrete.  

3.  SALARY; when is the right time to bring it up? This is tricky, if you are offered the position and the salary is not included, you should ask at that point.  However, if you are flying to California for an interview you may want to talk salary soon to make sure it is worth the move.  Be careful and plan when you ask, there is no right answer.

4.  NEVER be late.  You must account for your travel time.  If your directions say it takes 35 minutes for travel time, add on at least an extra 20 minutes for unforeseen tie-ups like traffic or roadwork.  Don't forget to take into account looking for parking, especially in an area that may not have parking lots.  If you haven't traveled to the destination prior to the day of the interview, give yourself extra time in case you do get lost!

5.  DO NOT LIE or misrepresent the truth.  EVER.

6.  The world is a very small place. Do not speak badly about a former employer, even if you have a bad experience with them.  Think about what you have learned from the experience and how it makes you a better employee.

7.  If you have been told in the past that you wear too much cologne or perfume, consider toning it down for an interview. Be very careful; you want to leave a positive impact with the prospective employer because of your experiences, not the scent of your fragrance.

8.  Don't fidget, just relax! You have already been called in for an interview; they have already picked your "profile," now it is time for the "first date".  The employer wants to get to know you. JUST RELAX and be your best self.

9.  Listen to the questions being asked by the employer. We see many times during mock interviews that though students give good answers, they don't answer the question asked.  Take time to make sure you heard the question and then take a  deep breath and answer the question properly.

10.  Sean  "Puffy" Combs, during his show Making the Band, told a contestant, "I want to know that you are hungry, not desperate".  There is a very fine line between the two--an employer wants you to be eager but they do not want a doormat!

Good luck on all your upcoming interviews! If you would like to schedule a mock interview for some practice, call our office at 516-463-6060 to schedule an appointment.

Lorraine Massiah
Assistant Director

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When to Be Modern (and When to Go Old School) in Your Job Hunt

With the emergence of new technologies, software, and social media sites, there are many different ways to search and apply for jobs. That being said, when you are in the midst of searching for a job, it is important to find a balance between old and new job search methods. Although your application may look or sound different depending on the industry and organization (i.e. startup vs large corporation), there are a few solid job search and application rules to follow regardless of industry. This article from provides a quick but useful overview of some tried and true "old school" job search habits to stick with and some more modern job search habits to be aware of. 

Kaitlyn Riley, Assistant Director 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Events for the Week of 4/14/14

CPT Workshop: Summer Internships, Practical Experiences, and Externships
Wednesday, April 16 from 11:15 a.m.-12:45 p.m. in Breslin Hall Room 103
Are you an international student thinking about engaging in an internship or practicum off-campus? In order to engage in paid or unpaid practical experiences off-campus, international students must be authorized for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). You need to receive an updated I-20 before you start working. For more information, click here.

Quick Question Hours:
Get your Resume or Cover Letter critiqued at The Career Center!
Monday – Thursday: 2pm – 4pm
Friday: 11am – 1pm

Save the Date!

Resume Re-Do
Thursday, April 24 at 6:30pm in The Career Center
Are you looking to re-vamp your resume, but your job prevents you from coming to The Career Center during our business hours? Attend this workshop to receive valuable tips about writing your resume straight from a Career Center representative, on your own time!

Crunch Time with
Monday, April 28, 2014 at 1pm in The Career Center
Seniors, don't wait until after graduation to start your job search! It's CRUNCH time! Hear from employees on how to use the #1 job search site to maximize your job search and CRUNCH on some snacks while you learn!

True Hofstra Story: Internships
Tuesday, April 29 from 8:30-10pm in the Student Center Greenhouse
Don't be fooled when it comes to internships, hear the True Hofstra Story. Hofstra students "spill the beans" on internships at this tell all coffee house event!

Target Information Session
Tuesday, April 29 from 5:30-7pm in The Career Center
Meet with Target representatives to hear about available employment opportunities within this retail corporation and gain insight on what it is like to work with the company!

Plug Into Your Career
Wednesday, April 30 from 6-8pm in the Multi-Purpose Room East
Learn from a panel of professionals in the fields of Information Technology and Business from both start-up and established companies. Gain insight on how they got started in their careers, and how you can find your own niche in the technology industry! Participating companies include CA Technologies, EGifter, Wolters-Kluwer, TEKsystems, and Uncubed/Wakefield Media.

Looking for information about different careers while building your professional network?

All you have to do is A.S.K.!

Get answers by using the Alumni Student Konnection, where you can communicate directly with Hofstra Alumni in a variety of fields to learn more about different careers and industries that interest you! Use this resource to build or add to your professional network and learn about ways to advance your career search!

To get started:
Log In to the Hofstra Portal at
Click on “Hofstra Online”
Click on “A.S.K. Online - Alumni Student Konnection”
Search by Class Year, School, Major, or other keywords to Konnect with Alumni!

Looking for more information about the career search process?

Candid Career is a great resource for students, no matter where you stand on your Path of Pride. You can watch videos that show you what it’s like to work in a certain field, learn tips and tricks on interviewing, and more!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Salary, Salary, Salary!

We are getting close to graduation, and many of you are unsure about what you can expect for a salary.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the average starting salary nationally for the Class of 2014 with a undergraduate degree is $45,473.  Not too shabby! 

Here are some of the salary ranges for Class of 2014 graduates:

Source: April 2014 Salary Survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers, copyright holder.
(Please note: A starting salary can vary depending on many things, including size and location of the organization and experience of the job candidate. You can get a more detailed look at starting salaries by contacting your school’s career center.)

Suzanne Dagger,
Director of Career Services

Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to be #RejectedWithPRIDE

When the career search goes wrong, and you don’t get that position you were setting your sights on, what do you do?

Every person has gone through rejection at least once; it happens to the best of us.

Here are tips on how to navigate through the “grieving process” stages and exit as a better than ever version of yourself:

1. Denial
This is the stage when you first hear the news of no job/internship offer, and you cannot believe it. You were so sure you were the perfect fit for this position. If you get a clear-cut no email, phone call, etc. from an employer, there’s no mistaking that it’s a “no.” Better hurry on to the next stage…

2. Anger
After you are beyond sure that you got rejected, the “anger gates” burst open. Suddenly, the employer, company and position were horrible anyway and you think the world has failed you.

But instead of letting the anger define you (or even worse, bad-mouthing the employer), use that energy to take some action steps forward.
  • Ask the interviewer if there is anything you could have done differently in the interviewing process that could have changed the outcome.
  • Do informational interviews with people in the industry you want to get into.
  • Schedule a Mock Interview at The Career Center.

3. Bargaining
After the Anger stage of grieving, you may think you’re over the rejection but you probably are not. At this point, you’re not angry or even visibly sad, but you may be wondering “what if’s”, thinking of ways in which you can convince the company that you are right for the position anyway, or even reading your horoscope to see if the employer will give you a second chance.

Instead of wondering, be proactive for the next opportunity:
  • Do some shadowing or interning at a similar company.
  • Get a job where you can get related experience.
  • Get advice on updating your resume at The Career Center.

4. Depression
When you realize that you were not over it, because you are obviously not at stage 5 yet, you may feel sadness again. This realization that there is in fact no job/internship can seem hard to overcome. You may think that things will never work out.

Remember, that appointments are available at The Career Center all year round to talk with a career counselor about your career development and struggles. For more focused counseling assistance, you can contact Student Counseling Services at 516-463-6791.

Over time, this feeling will pass and you will arrive at…

5. Acceptance
The last stage includes making peace with the fact that this position has come and went, and now it’s time to move forward.
  • Continue applying to other positions; one day the right fit will happen if you do the prep necessary to get there.
  • Networking is a valuable tool – make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated, attend events where you can learn more about your dream career and make connections.

Lastly, remember that when one door closes, another one is bound to open. We are here to help you each step of the way!

Nayelli Perez,
Assistant Director

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Risk IS Worth the Reward!

My name is Victoria McGuire and I am currently a Senior majoring in Industrial Engineering with minors in both Mathematics and Sustainability Studies. Throughout my time at Hofstra University, I have been a strong advocate for The Career Center and all of their services. I have received many resume critiques, attended workshops and career fairs, and utilized the Pride-CMS network as well as the on-campus recruitment service. Through my use of the Career Center’s services I have obtained a part-time engineering position with a local Lynbrook company, a full-time summer internship as an Executive Team Lead with Target, and most recently an internship as an Industrial Engineering Intern with the United Parcel Service. The career-advancing experiences I have gained through The Career Center will forever shape my future. As a resident assistant and student in general, I constantly encourage my residents and peers to utilize The Career Center and all of the services they offer.

Most recently, I attended the 2014 Spring Career Fair, which was held on Wednesday, April 2nd. As an engineering major, I was so excited when I heard there would be a new STEM section at the fair! While at the fair, I introduced myself to about four employers in the STEM section, but I wanted to fully utilize the fair so I continued to look outside of the STEM field. As an industrial engineering major, I also have the ability to work in logistics, and I know every large, nationally ranked company has a logistics department. That is when I decided to speak to employers from Target and Ikea. Though their handouts did not indicate a need for logistics interns, I still introduced myself, and by me taking the initiative both of the companies asked for my resume and said they would have someone from the department contact me within the next few weeks. We all know it is difficult to find jobs today, so you need to think outside the box and take initiative! Though this approach may not work every time it is definitely worth the effort because you never know where, when, or how you may land that dream job or internship. As students we have to take advantage of every opportunity we are granted while in college, and Hofstra University along with the Career Center has a lot to offer us, so use it!

Victoria McGuire, Class of 2014